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My oral comprehensive exam is this afternoon, from 1:00-3:00.

* flailing like no one's ever flailed before *
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Things I WANT to do today:

1. Leave work. Now.
2. Go straight home.
3. Take a nap.
4. Play with my scrapbooking stuff all night
5. Stay up late and sleep in tomorrow.


1. I'm stuck here for another 2+ hours.
2. I need to go to the gym.
3. I need to prepare for my oral comprehensive exam as much as possible. It's next Friday (OMGs!! OMGs!! OMGs!!).
4. I have to open the store tomorrow morning, so sleeping in isn't possible, therefore staying up really late isn't advisable.

It's almost over, it's almost over, it's almost over...
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I just sent the responses to Dr. K's comp exam questions to him via e-mail, with the result that I (hopefully) have completed 2/3 of the process. I still have Dr. R's questions left to answer, but since he's given me a 3 hour time limit, at least I won't have to spend all of next weekend taking a test. Not sure when I will sit down to do those questions, but they will be done by next Sunday at the latest.

Then all that will be left to do is finalize my paper and study for the oral comps.

I am tired...
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Unless I hear otherwise (the "otherwise" being "you really screwed up and need to do it over"), my written Comprehensive Exams are 1/3 complete.Read more... )

That's about it, I guess. Just trying to stay awake at this point, and get everything done.
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If nothing else, it has been a very productive day, and it's not even over yet. boring domestic crap follows )

boring love life crap follows )

not-so-boring-but-far-off trip planning follows )

Anyway, those are my activities and musings for the day - it's dinnertime, and I have one last serving left of the venison stew I made last week (mmmmmmm...). Then it's back to MP/comp exam studying for the evening.

Hope you've all had a great weekend!
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I am in full-on study mode right now, and my Population Ecology notes have been my near-constant companions for the last week. Seriously, they've been with me everywhere.

I've gotten a bit frightened in looking at some of them, though. I've been reviewing the homework assignments I had for the class and I'm at a loss when it comes to explaining how the hell I learned to do all that stuff. Even though the tests were take-home, you still had to know which equations to use and in what order. I'll turn a page in my notes to find a sheet full of numbers and tables and graphs and my mind starts going into panic mode.

It's calculus, coming straight for us! Shields up! Take evasive action!

Guess I need to contact the prof who taught that class and see if he can send me a couple of practice problems that I can play with.

Saturday I spent the day scrapbooking at a breast cancer benefit crop called ScrapPink. I didn't do any photo work this time, but I did get a lot of the journaling done for the pages I did at the crop I went to last month. I estimate that my Scotland album is about 40-50% done. I'm really pleased with how it's turning out.

This week will be pretty uneventful until Saturday, when I plan to drive to Williamsburg for the Scottish Festival (Albannach! WOO-HOO!). Other than that, it's business as usual.
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and I feel like I've put in a whole day's work already.

* uploaded a bunch of scanned documents to our online database
* shifted around 3 drawers worth of files to make room for FY09 stuff
* updated a project index list to reflect the drawer shift
* updated another tracking spreadsheet
* had my year-end review with the boss (Went well! Yay!)

Only 6 more hours to go!


Dance class was good last night. I wound up being the only one there, due to one classmate having family stuff to attend to, and the other having contact lens issues. Since it essentially was a private lesson, I got to decide what I wanted to work on. Naturally, I chose the sword dance, which we haven't worked on since around February or March.

I learned a whole new step last night! It's officially called the "reverse point", but it's also not-so-affectionately called the "dizzy step". It's really cool to watch, and it's actually not that hard to do - it just takes a heck of a lot of control, as there are several position changes and what seem like changes in tempo. When done correctly, it looks like you're almost floating over the swords. Yeah, it'll be a while before I get to that point.

I started going through my Population Ecology class materials last night, and managed to get through the first chapter. I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how easily so much of it came back to me - especially the equations. I think it helped that I made so many notes on the class hand-outs.

Hope you all are having a great day!
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I've submitted my intent to graduate in January. Masters Degree, here I come.


Now I need to finish the draft of my project and turn it in for review, set the dates for my comps, and start studying my happy arse off.


Updatage: the Pixie was dropped off this morning to get her hiney fixed, and I have a rental for the next day or two. Can't recall the model, but it's a Chevy. Looks kind of like a PT Cruiser, but not as cool looking. It's kind of fugly, actually. But it runs, and that's all I really care about.

Boss has approved my taking Wednesday through Friday off this week. Please join me in a sigh of relief. *Whew!* Now I feel like I have enough time to finish cleaning the spaces that Dad and stepmom will see, AND work on the Masters project (henceforth to be known as "MP").

That's about it. How's YOUR day going?


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