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About a month ago, I updated my profile on Match.com to reflect that I'm interested in men (it was originally set for women, but it appears that there aren't any quality single women in my area).

Since making the updates, I've gotten several "winks". Here's where I start shaking my head in dismay. Seriously, do people actually READ the profiles they click on before choosing the "wink" option? My main beef is with the ones who apparently have no concept of distance. My profile says that I'm looking for people within a certain distance radius from me. I wouldn't mind adding on another 10-20 miles for someone who really piques my interest, but really, Alabama? California? South Carolina? The U.K.? Long distance relationships don't work for me - it makes spending quality time with someone difficult.

And the "no smokers" thing? That is NOT NEGOTIABLE. Any winks from someone with a profile that states he's a smoker in some capacity will get an immediate "no thanks" response. Also, my definition of "physically fit" does not normally include people who have more chins than a Beijing telephone directory. Sorry.

Dating sucks.
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If nothing else, it has been a very productive day, and it's not even over yet. boring domestic crap follows )

boring love life crap follows )

not-so-boring-but-far-off trip planning follows )

Anyway, those are my activities and musings for the day - it's dinnertime, and I have one last serving left of the venison stew I made last week (mmmmmmm...). Then it's back to MP/comp exam studying for the evening.

Hope you've all had a great weekend!


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