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I was just checking out my info page and found that I've been friended by two people I've never contacted or been contacted by. When I go to their info pages, I can't even read them because they're in Russian.

Is there a way to block certain usernames without having to set up filters for every single post? I obviously haven't friended them back...
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I really, really, really need to keep some healthy snacks both at home and in the car. I broke one of the cardinal rules of weight control yesterday - I ran a quick grocery trip while hungry.

Actually, not just hungry, but ravenous.

See, I should know better. When I took swimming lessons as a child, my Mom and I would go out for pizza at Freddie's (in Beverly - it was on Cabot Street, I think) afterwards. I remember one evening discovering that I was almost done with my third slice and Mom was still working on her first. I know how hungry swimming can make me.

So yesterday, after having spent almost an hour in the pool doing laps (50 of them, just over 1.5 miles), I should have instinctively realized that going into a grocery store was a Bad Idea. I didn't overbuy - I actually did better than normal in that department.

No, it was the bag of beef jerky I snarfed down in the car while driving home. And the package of PopTarts I picked up at Wawa when paying for my gas.

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Stayed home today, since I felt lousy all day yesterday. Slept late this morning, and took a 3 hour nap at mid-day. Feeling much better now, and will head back to Hell tomorrow.

Okay, let's get the not-so-great part over with first.

I got rear-ended on Friday afternoon. I'd gone to the gym around mid-day. I was due at the store at 4:00, so I finished with enough time to shower and get something to eat before work. I'm stopped at a red light on route 1 north, when movement makes me check out the rear-view mirror. The car behind me is pretty close and getting closer. Driver doesn't seem to notice that traffic in front of her is actually not moving.



Damage to the Pixie is pretty minimal, to my eyes at least. The rear bumper has two punctures (from the bolts holding her front license plate), with "drag" marks. I'm filing through her insurance so that I don't have to fork out money I can't spare for the deductible. Adjusters for both my and her insurance companies are coming to my work tomorrow to check the damage. Wheee. Just what I fucking needed. I'm fine physically, BTW - she wasn't going fast and I wasn't hit very hard at all. I'm just more pissed off and exasperated than anything else.

On a lighter note, I'm swimming again. The gym is having a swimming challenge during the month of August. The challenge is to swim the pool equivalent of the distance between a couple of local landmarks (about 15 miles). I've already done 3 miles (between Friday and Saturday). I was a bit sore on Saturday from the exertion the previous day - it actually took about 7-8 laps before I really loosened up. I still have decent form, and once I hit my stride, I can keep going, thanks to good endurance built up from other cardio exercise. Go me!

Other than that, not much else to report. Store is fine, base job is okay - no major drama at either location right now.
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Ahem )

Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ.
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Quick update - the positives:

1. Fridge is still working. This is a good thing, since I went grocery shopping on Saturday.
2. Boomerang is still getting along - his med dosage was increased to 2x/day, so hopefully he'll start showing signs of improvement soon.
3. Great day at the store on Saturday! Good sales, made lots o'money, and had no problem customers.

And a quick negative, because really, would it truly be my life without one?

I woke up at about 2:15 this morning with a SHARPSHARPSHARP pain in my right ear. I'd rolled over from my left side to the right and as soon as my ear hit the pillow, it HURT LIKE A MOFO. It's still sore now (especially if I touch it - naturally, I'm avoiding that activity), and sometimes the pain is related to my head position (lean head to right, wince in pain). Damn. Guess it's probably an infection. So I'll be off work at 12:30 today to head to the doctor to be checked out. I haven't had an ear infection since I was a little kid - I wasn't prone to getting them like some kids, and I only slightly recall having had one at all.

Sigh... Well, back to work for a while. I'll do a travel plans update in another post later today or tomorrow.
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Who the hell is the ref who's officiating this game?!? I need to call for a do-over! I can't recall if this sort of crap was in the Wheel of the Year reading that [livejournal.com profile] etainwilson did for me on New Year's - I need to check the notes she sent...

All right, I've got a little good news to crow about and plenty of bad news to whine about. Let's get the crap over with first.

Refrigerator is dying )

Windshield is dying )

Tax refund is dead )

Cat is dying )

Hey, if you've been glossing over the bitchy parts, stop now.

Highland dance weekend in review )

So now I'm at work. At the moment, no one else is here, so it's very quiet. It would be nice if it stayed that way, but the way my luck's been running, I'm not holding out much hope of that. Anyway, if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading.

Only 80 days until Scotland...
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Have you ever looked for something in your house/apartment/tent/shack/whatever that you absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt KNOW is within those four exterior walls somewhere, yet you can't find it to save your life?

I've just spent over an hour searching just about every conceivable spot in this house, looking for this:


I bought one WAY back, when I was stationed in Hawaii, prior to going to Australia in August 1996. It is the best travel pillow EVER. I can't remember when I used it last, but I know I've looked for it before, and I'm certain it made the move with me. I even had an eyeshade that I got in a little complimentary bag (along with socks, toothbrush, and paste) that I got from Qantas when I flew to Sydney tucked inside the outer cover.

Gone. Without a trace.

There's one more spot I can look, but I'm not holding out much hope - it's possible that it's in my seabag, which is full of uniforms that haven't seen the light of day in over 3 years. I guess I'll drag that thing out of my smaller bedroom closet tomorrow and dump it out. At least I know where I can get another pillow if my old one doesn't show up.
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Story of the past hour. I've been alternately on hold or speaking briefly with a non-native English speaker (oy...) since just after 0900.

Travelocity sent me an e-mail over the weekend letting me know that my flights to Scotland next May have been changed, and please contact them immediately. I tried calling yesterday and didn't get anywhere. I called earlier this morning, was put on hold, and got disconnected. Called back (note: I am currently on my 4th phone call and 4th non-native English speaker since yesterday - oy...). He ("Peter"?) is on hold with US Airways, whose system is apparently down.

Meanwhile, I'm on Travelocity's website looking at another available flight that would work out fine for me.

Now US Air is telling "Peter" that my ONLY option involves sitting in the Dublin airport all day before getting a connecting flight that night.

Um, no. My only requirements are to leave via Washington National and arrive in Glasgow, Scotland. I have no personal needs or desires to go through Philadelphia as originally scheduled. I can go through Boston. Or New York. Or Newark. I really don't give a damn.

Fucking HELL. Apparently US Air can't (for whatever reason) fix their own damned problem. So I need to drive down to Richmond, go to the US Air ticket window, and cancel my flights myself.

Fuck US Airways. Fuck Travelocity.
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Has anyone here tried purchasing something with pseudoephedrine (aka "Sudafed") in it lately? No? Well, let me relate to you my experience.

I had to do a grocery run yesterday, so I stopped at the Humungo Target on my way home from work. Picked up a few items for this week's lunches, replacement items for my camping kit - stuff like that. Then I headed over to the health and hygiene section to find a decent decongestant.

Since everyone apparently is a potential meth user/maker and pseudoephedrine is now a controlled substance, I had to pull a tag off the shelf and bring it to the pharmacist. Okay, no problem. I hand over the tag, the girl behind the counter grabs the Good Stuff, gives it to me, and then asks me for my ID. Sure, here you go. Then I had to pay for it there at the counter (good thing I had enough cash). THEN I had to SIGN for it, as if I was paying with a credit card.

I refrained from asking her if I needed to sign over my first-born (which would be difficult, not having had any kids), since this whole rigamarole is not her fault. She just needs to follow the policy set by the store.

But good grief! It's easier to buy a six-pack of beer or a carton of cigarettes (not that I've ever done the latter). I guess the government would rather see people get cirrhosis of the liver or lung cancer than try to self-treat a stuffy nose. The health insurance industry must be behind this...

In other news, I've downloaded the D&S pictures from my camera to my computer and I'm checking online photo storage sites. I fully anticipate having all the photos uploaded for viewing by this weekend.


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