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According to the results of the poll, those of you who voted want to read more about Scotland. So, I am complying with those wishes and therefore offer you details of Falkirk and Stirling. Enjoy!

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Next chapter: Macduff!
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Hi. So what's new with you all?

Life is settling back into the typical summer routine - work, more work, sporadic dance lessons, trips to the gym, and procrastinating on my Master's project. Honestly, I really don't have anything especially newsworthy to post about right now.

In light of that, I've got a poll for you all. I posted an entry a couple weeks back detailing the time spent in Edinburgh. The post was primarily in response to a request for additional details beyond the brief dispatches I made whilst on (limited) internet time during the trip. So here's the question:

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I promised you all longer, more descriptive posts about my trip, didn’t I? Well, here you go. I’ll try to do this in an organized manner, so we will start with my stay in Edinburgh and my activities there and in that area.

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Stay tuned for the next chapter, "Falkirk and Stirling"!
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This is going to be a quick one, folks - internet time here at the Portree library is only 30 minutes.

Lewis - Rented a car (OMGs!!!!!!!!!!!). Well. That was kind of scary. I did manage to drive around most of northern Lewis without hitting anyone or anything (a couple of minor curb rubs, but nothing too traumatic). Saw lots of standing stones. I repeat - LOTS OF STANDING STONES. And I had most of them to myself. Lots of green rolling hills, peatlands, moors, and lochs. And lots of sheep.

Harris/Scalpay - Pretty much limited to my night in the beautiful Highcroft B&B on Scalpay. Wow, was that a luxurious night! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Harris, what I saw of it from the bus, is much more mountainous and rocky. For those of you who've been to New England, think Mount Washington. Lots of rocks and no trees. But add sheep. Lots of sheep.

Skye - More sheep. :) The Cuillin Hills (both Black and Red) are wild and untamed and beautiful. Took a 3 hour tour from the Aros Centre in Portree yesterday. It was quite good, and we hit most of the major highlights in the Trotternish area of Skye. This morning I took the bus to Kyleakin, which wound up being something of a disappointment, but oh well.

Tomorrow - Long bus ride to Glasgow. LONG bus ride - I leave at 0745 and arrive sometime in the afternoon. Saturday morning I have breakfast reservations at the Willow Tea Room on Sauchiehall Street, then I will head on to the airport for my flight back to the states.

Hope you are all well - library computer time is almost up...
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My brief stay in the Loch Ness/Inverness area is drawing to a close. I have one last night here in Inverness, at the luxurious (compared to Loch Ness Backpackers) Highlander Hostel, which is about a 10 minute walk from the bus station. Since I have no idea when I'll have internet access again, I figure I'd better post now.

Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle )

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Headed back into the city centre and picked up some food to eat back at the hostel. Am now catching up on e-mails and lj. My time's just about over, so I'll close here. I'll try to post again from either the Outher Hebrides or Skye, but there's no telling when (or if) I'll get internet access again. I'll be home this coming Sunday (WAHHHHH!), so be prepared to start seeing longer, more detailed and illustrated posts to follow soon after.

Talk to you all soon!
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There is way, way, WAY TOO MUCH stuff to write about when it comes to these places. This is the first time I've been able to get on the internet in a substantial way since Stirling (I did briefly at a public library in Inverness while waiting for a bus). The hostel I'm staying at tonight in Stromness appears to have free internet (there aren't any signs asking me for money, at any rate), so I'm going to take advantage of that.

Okay!on with the briefing )

Tomorrow I double back to Inverness and then head to Drumnadrochit and Loch Ness for the weekend. Monday I head to the Outer Hebrides. I'll post again when I can. Hope everyone is doing great!
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So. How are you all doing?

Yes, yes - I know you all need more details. Unfortunately, I have to pay for my internet time (1 pound for 30 minutes - I splurged and got an hour's worth of time today). Hence the nutshell version posts.

[livejournal.com profile] genevieve2006: I would LOVE to show off some of the 424 photos I've taken so far, but I don't have a way to upload them at the moment. If I figure out something during the trip, I'll try to do so. :)

[livejournal.com profile] etainwilson: Yes, I saw the Stone of Destiny - I spent about 4.5 hours total at the Castle, so there wasn't much I didn't see.

I didn't get into Holyrood Palace, though - it was closed for a VIP high church guy visit during the entire time I was there.

Okay, update time:

Yesterday - Went directly to the National Museum, stopping in Greyfriar's Kirkyard and paying my respects to wee Bobby (google "Greyfriar's Bobby" to find out what I'm talking about - my hostel was right down the street from his statue). After the museum, I walked down the Royal Mile, had tea at Clarinda's, and tried to see Holyrood. Went to the new Scottish Parliament Building instead, which was a pretty amazing thing to see. Headed back to the Castle after that, to see a couple of things I'd missed the day before, then back to the hostel for packing, postcard and journal writing, and vegging out.

Today - Caught the 0730 train from Waverey Station to Stirling, where I had to wait 30 minutes for reception to open. Since I couldn't officially check in until 1200, I left my pack and went back to the train station and back-tracked to Falkirk to see the engineering feat called the Falkirk Wheel, which is a rotating lock system on the Union and Forth & Clyde Canals. You can actually take a boat ride and go up in one of the gondolas of the wheel. Very, very cool! After the wheel, i took the train back to Stirling and, through a series of miscommunications and faulty directions, made my way to the Bannockburn Heritage Centre, which is considered to be very close (if not actually on) to where Robert the Bruce and his loyal Scots defeated King William and the English forces quite soundly. Took pictures of the rolling green fields and the humoungous statue of the Bruce and got the bus back into town. Picked up some food at a local grocer, took it back to the hostel and had a light supper.

Now it's internet time.

Tomorrow's itinerary: Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument, maybe Stirling bridge as well (since I think I can walk to that one).
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Arrived in Edinburgh on the morning of the 17th in good style and took the train directly from the airport in Glasgow to Edinburgh. I only have about 25 minutes online here, so I'll be brief and fill in details in longer posts when I get back.

Hawk Walk at Dalhousie Castle - Amazing. Beautiful. Spiritually uplifting.

Rosslyn Chapel (think Da Vinci Code - Awe-inspiring. Fascinating. Really, really old.

Edinburgh Castle - Fantastic, even better than I remembered. Great weather, so the view was incredible.

Princes Street - Mobbed. :)

Budget Backpackers - Centrally located to EVERYTHING. Funky.

Ear piercing (attention [livejournal.com profile] evilsugardemon!!!) - Ouch. Looks cool, though.

One more day in Edinburgh, then I'm off to Stirling on the 21st. I'll post again when I can.

And you all just shut up about mercury retrograde, okay? :)



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