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(Apologies to my FaceBook friends, who will get a sense of deja vu whilst reading this.)

Yesterday was fantastic. I'd been monitoring the forecast on weather.com all week, and cringing at the "showers" that were predicted for yesterday. However, while the day dawned overcast and cool, it warmed up considerably and rain never made an appearance (although it did get pretty humid). I arrived at the grounds by 9:10ish (after an hour's drive) and waited in the highly unorganized traffic line to get onto the grounds and pay my admissions and parking fee. That task done, I was able to go into the festival itself.

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... and how glad I am that you are a 45 minute drive away, for I fear that I would be a lot poorer if you were closer.

It was my day off today. Got my hair cut in the 'Burg late morning, then immediately drove south to Richmond to the closest Whole Foods and Trader Joe's locations I have. Why the trek just to get to a grocery store? I plan to make Cullen skink soup for my lunch this upcoming week, and I seriously doubted the possibility of the local crappy Food Lion of having the main ingredient (smoked haddock, or finnan haddie). I'd called Whole Foods yesterday to ensure that they did have the item needed, hence the trip down.

Oh my.

Ever been to a Whole Foods store? Think Trader Joe's, but more expensive and HUGE. It was quite overwhelming, and I'm glad I'd picked a small cart for my selections, because it would have been very, very easy to go barking moonbat crazy there. As it was, I only got two bags of items and it was more expensive than a regular trip to Big Target. The smoked haddock was kind of spendy, though - guess I won't be making this dish too often.

After Whole Foods, I drove another block down the road to Trader Joe's to pick up a small number of items, including their yummy yogurt and frozen latkes. I've been craving latkes for weeks now (Food Lion doesn't even have the latke mix, and asking an employee about it only gains you a strange look), and I heard that Joe's has frozen ones that were pretty good. So I had some of those tonight, topped with sour cream. Mmmmmm...


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