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Yes, of course there's a story behind the title.

I took today off (got some award time), so I'm sitting in front of the computer at home with my coffee after sleeping in an extra 3.5 hours. As usual, I'm scanning through the posts on a favorite message board, when I see one that catches my eye:

"Jesus is the ultimate fire extinguisher!"

When clicked-on, the one-line post reads, "Think about it."

Okay, on the one hand, I can't stand cutesy religious stuff like this for any religion. On the other hand, this might not even be that good an analogy. Yes, I realize the original poster's purpose was to say that Jesus can help you solve any type of problem. However, the following thought occurred to me and I decided to run with it.

Consider the fire extinguisher. Typically a high-vis red metal cylinder with contents under pressure. Handle certain types roughly (ie. being dropped) and they can become a missile.

Also, not all fire extinguishers are good for all kinds of fires. For those who've let their fire-fighting knowledge get lax, we have 4 classes of fire.

Class A - Fuel is made up of combustible materials - paper, wood, cardboard, some plastics.

Class B - Fuel is composed of combustible or flammable liquids, like gasoline, oil, grease, and kerosene.

Class C - These are fires that involve electricity or electrical/conductive equipment.

Class D - Fuels are combustible metals, like magnesium, sodium, potassium, and titanium.

To further add to the confusion, not all fire extinguishers are good for extinguishing all types of fires. There are multi-purpose extinguishers - you can easily find ones that are good for Classes A, B, and C. But Class D fires need something different to put them out.

Up to date on fire extinguishers? Good. Let's get back to Jesus.

Let's say you decide to commit blasphemy and name your household fire extinguisher Jehovah. One afternoon, your high school age son or daughter is working on a science project and accidentally catches his/her lab (aka "bedroom") on fire while comparing the flame colors of magnesium and sodium. Quickly, you grab Jehovah and run to the scene. You pull the pin on Jehovah(!), aim His hose(!) at the base of the flames, and squeeze the handle.

Fire keeps burning. Yes, while Jehovah IS a multi-purpose extinguisher, he can't put out this class D fire, because he's only rated for ABC class fires.

The moral of the story is that, just like Jehovah the Fire Extinguisher is only rated for certain classes of fires, Jesus doesn't work for all people as a problem solver. This should not diminish his value for those who feel their problems are solved with his help, however, it should show that others can just as successfully find their solace elsewhere.

Happy 2008!

Jan. 2nd, 2008 08:29 am
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Yeah, I know it's the 2nd. So what? The new year won't officially start until I remember to write "2008" on my checks each and every time. Should happen sometime in March.

Blah, blah, blah, etc. ) Guess that's about it for now - probably should get back to the grind...
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My morning commute starts at about 0515, which means I get up at 0430. The morning routine consists of showering, getting dressed, taking care of the cats, putting my lunch together, and jetting on out the door. Breakfast and coffee wait until I arrive at work.

The fact that coffee doesn't happen until around 0600 means that I'm not exactly the most awake person whilst driving. Plus, I've done the drive so many times that I go into this auto-pilot mode. I think long haul truckers refer to it as "road hypnosis" - I call it "sleep driving".

I usually get to work with no clear recollection of the drive. For instance, this morning I don't remember going by a certain exit. I know I did, because I made it to work, but I can't recall even seeing the signs for Thornburg. The new traffic lights on route 1 just south of the base? Yep, no memory of them whatsoever. They must have been green, 'cause I just motored on through. The roads were wet from recent rain, so I wasn't able to use cruise control, which meant I had to devote some amount of concentration to the gas pedal. I plugged my iPod into the converter and cranked up the volume - even sang along on occasion - but I couldn't tell you now what songs played.

All this may sound like I'm not paying one whit of attention to what's going on around me, but in truth I must be, because I've never gotten into an accident or gotten a moving violation ticket. I just get this weird tunnel vision that only registers the information that I need RIGHT THEN and filters out the rest.

Now, if only I could let go of negative life memories the way I let go of the morning's drive, I'd be able to pare my spiritual baggage down to a carry-on.
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Got this in an e-mail today and thought I'd share...

You say you are listening, but it is not so. You are so used to being numbed by the noise in your world that you do not know how to be with me. When you ride your bikes through my wilderness you speak with others of your business when you walk together I hear you talking of dinner plans, friends who do not keep promises, the results of your latest mutual fund.

When you jog through my trees by my lakes, you wear earphones that hide the real music that is me. So numbed are you by your world that you must even numb yourself when you are with me. When you travel through my country in your vehicles you look at your maps instead of my glorious scenery.

Can you not see how I weep that my symphony is not heard? How my beauty is invisible to you?

The beaver slapped his tail for you on the water, encouraging you to come view the results of his very hard work. The red breasted robin landed in the tree in front of you. She wanted to remind you that a nest is built one tiny branch at a time. The rabbit that ran across your path stopped and sent you a smile, reminding you to be soft and stay out of fear.

The stream's spray over the rocks wanted to remind you of the power of renewal and the cleansing results of staying in the flow. The rocks in the stream were showing you how being washed over can make you smooth and shiny.

It is good to let life wash over you.

The duck upstream who was diving for food was showing you the life he lives each day, the life of trust. He does not try to catch his fish and store them for the future. He simply trusts in the bounty that each day will provide.

The golden butterfly that landed on your t-shirt was promising you a golden transition. If you are willing to go within and cocoon your own inner spirit you too may one day fly. She landed on your heart, because
that is where you must begin listening. She was telling you that somewhere, deep within you, there is a butterfly waiting to be born.

If you want to fly, you need only listen.

The tree at the end of the path that waved his leaves at you was sending you a kiss. You thought it strange that the leaves were moving. There was no breeze that you remember. But you walked on by and a tear fell across his heart. Unseen. Again.

The flock of geese who flew above you were showing you the beauty of togetherness: you can fly farther when you fly with others.

Remember the tiny mountain flower peeking her head out of the tall grasses? She was showing you that every place is a good place for beauty, even surrounded by grasses that might seem to dwarf you. She was telling you to show your beauty regardless of where you are.

Beauty has no boundaries.

Did you see the smile in the clouds? They were sending you a cosmic gift from the heavens to remind you that you are never alone. They see you. They want you to see their artistry as they create all those images
for you. It is an ever changing art gallery they offer you, if you'd just look up and use your wonderful imagination.

The raindrops that began falling as you reached the end of your walk offended you. Yet they cleanse the earth, offer nourishment to the soil and feed the many plants and animals that share this world with
you. They feed YOU. As you hurried from them, some of them became tears, weeping that you did not see their part in continuing creation.

Today the robin spoke. Did you hear what she said?
Today the sky spoke. Did you hear what she said?
Today the ocean's waved roared. Did you hear what they said?
Today the sun folded into the sunset, and the sunset folded into the night.
Did you hear what she was telling you?

Listen to my rhythms. Feel my heart pulse within you, within all of creation hear my messages by hearing my messengers.

Wake up. Feel me. Hear me. See me. Love me.

For I am you. And if you cannot see that, we will both disappear
from lack of viewing.

I am GAIA, The Earth. I am You. I am part of all creation. You are
part of all creation.

Love yourself.
Love me.
Do not suspend your heart for that which is illusion.
Anything that is outside of love is illusion.
See love and you will see yourself.
See love and you will see me.
See love and we shall carry on this cosmic dance forever.

Open your eyes to love.
Open your heart to love.
Open your vision to love.
Come, let me show you how to plant the colors of ecstasy.
Come, be the butterfly.
Come, please come.

Montana Gray - 07/1999
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So last Thursday I went to Washington DC with the folks from the Fish and Wildlife Section at work for a behind-the-scenes tour at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We didn't even go into the main part of the museum, but were taken into the areas where the specimens that are not on display are kept.

Whoa... )

After the museum trip, we went out to lunch and then rode the Metro back to the commuter lot. Then it was fun and games in that special circle of Hell known as "DC/Northern Virginia Interstate 95 Rush Hour Traffic." It was a very long day - I didn't get home until well after 6:00 that night - but the trip was well worth it.


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