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Who the hell is the ref who's officiating this game?!? I need to call for a do-over! I can't recall if this sort of crap was in the Wheel of the Year reading that [livejournal.com profile] etainwilson did for me on New Year's - I need to check the notes she sent...

All right, I've got a little good news to crow about and plenty of bad news to whine about. Let's get the crap over with first.

Refrigerator is dying )

Windshield is dying )

Tax refund is dead )

Cat is dying )

Hey, if you've been glossing over the bitchy parts, stop now.

Highland dance weekend in review )

So now I'm at work. At the moment, no one else is here, so it's very quiet. It would be nice if it stayed that way, but the way my luck's been running, I'm not holding out much hope of that. Anyway, if you've gotten this far, thanks for reading.

Only 80 days until Scotland...

Happy 2008!

Jan. 2nd, 2008 08:29 am
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Yeah, I know it's the 2nd. So what? The new year won't officially start until I remember to write "2008" on my checks each and every time. Should happen sometime in March.

Blah, blah, blah, etc. ) Guess that's about it for now - probably should get back to the grind...
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No major drama at work, which is always a good thing.

Found out that my request for a time extension for my Master's degree was approved. That was getting down to the wire - I was originally supposed to graduate in January. Yeah, right. Plus, my request to change from thesis option to Master's project was also approved. YAYYYYYYY! That's stress relief like you wouldn't believe.

My cat Boomerang apparently has nothing major physically wrong with him. I took him to the vet on Friday, where it turns out he's lost 2.3 pounds since last year. Not so good. Decided to spring for the whole lab work-up for him, which was NOT a cheap proposition. All tests came back within normal ranges. The litter box issues have improved through my adding an extra box. Still need to call the vet back today and find out why she thinks an antibiotic might put him back onto a normal, um, elimination pattern.

Dance class last night was good. M. (the instructor) surprised me and my classmate (A.) with "Most Improved Dancer" trophies. A. and I have been pretty active with the dance stuff - we've both done the Christmas parades for the last two years, and we both participated in a special workshop this past February. A. has arranged dance demonstrations and volunteered at a local competition, and I did the medal test this fall and performed in front of a couple dozen people whilst camping a while back.

Not a bad start to the week - hopefully the trend will continue...
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I actually slept last night!!! YAYYYYY!!! I skipped dance class in favor of just going home, having a light supper (Trader Joe's creamy vegetable bisque soup and toast), watering the new plants, making my Dad a birthday card, and hitting the sack an hour early. It was worth it. I slept almost straight through the night (except for about 10 minutes very early this morning when Fiona decided to take a stroll over my legs and chest, purring her head off). I still could have used another hour or two, but I'm not as sluggish today as I was yesterday.

Yay for sleep!

I stopped by my dance instructor's house/studio on my way home from work yesterday to return the kilt, blouse, and socks I'd borrowed for the medal test on Sunday. She had my evaluation sheet for me - I passed!!! In fact, I got a "pass plus"! Not as good as a "commendable" (Damn those brain farts/screw ups I had!), but still better than a "pass". The comments were all things that I hear from M. occasionally - knees out to the side more, keep the working foot tighter around the leg while doing sheds in the fling, keep feet closer together doing the pas de bas in the sword dance (this one I knew - I'm still getting used to the feel of my new ghillies as opposed to my bulkier dance sneakers). M. said that overall, I had a really good evaluation. So now I get to look forward to getting my certificate and bronze medal in the mail - in about 6-8 weeks. :)

Yay for highland dance!

Work at the store tonight - here's to hoping that we don't have any bitchy customers!
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The past couple of nights I've gone to bed at reasonable hours (Saturday at 10:30 - I worked at the store until 9:30 - and last night at 9:00). I lie down, get comfortable, close my eyes, relax, slow down my breathing, and - nothing. Even taking a dose of Tylenol PM wasn't effective last night. I got up yesterday and this morning feeling somewhat rested, but not really awake. This morning I'm just kind of in a fog. I can barely type a complete sentence without making a typo somewhere and having to go back and fix it.

Gonna be a fun day. *yawn*

Yesterday I was in F'burg at 8:45 to take a "medal test" for Highland dance. My dance teacher and another teacher in the area arranged for a woman from the British Association of Teachers of Dancing to come over from Scotland and evaluate both the dances themselves and demonstrations showing understanding of the terminology used (ie. "Show me 4th rear aerial position."). I decided to try out for the bronze medal, which meant that I had to do the fling and the sword dance. Bear in mind that this was not a performance or competition, but a test.

Suffice to say that my nerves made an impact on my dancing. :-b Yes, I made mistakes in both. I just completely blanked out on one of the fling steps and I lost count during the first step of the sword. However, I did find my place in the music both times and managed to finish both dances. I'll find out how I did tonight when I go to class. Provided I passed, I'll get a lovely, suitable-for-framing certificate and a bronze medal.

After the medal testing, I went to the Home Depot and spent money on soil, mulch, compost, flower bulbs (tulips, crocuses, and irises), and two large buckets of fall mums, went home and did some yard work. The flowerbed in front of my house is now completely redone and LOADED with bulbs, and the two wooden planters I bought last year are home to the mums.

Good weekend overall, but too short. Plans for next weekend (which includes Friday) will feature trips to the gym, grocery shopping, home cleaning chores, and spending Saturday at the Highland Games in Richmond. Bagpipes! Dancing! Men in kilts! :)
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Dance class last night was... painful. My legs are really, really sore today.

My classmates and I told our instructor a few weeks ago that we wanted to spend a bit more time on the different dances we were learning, rather than just learning the basics and jumping into the next thing with little to no review. Instructor ("M") took our requests into consideration, which became excruciatingly obvious yesterday.

I used to LIKE the Highland Fling )

Give me the sword dance any day of the week.

In more amusing news, M spoke of a dance called the "Highland Laddie". I mentioned in a previous post about our tendency to give new names to certain dances? Yeah. My classmates and I immediately looked at each other and started coming up with new monikers for the Highland Laddie. We figure it's a more macho, masculine dance, so therefore if a woman is doing it, then it should be called the "Highland Dyke" or "Highland Drag King" or somesuch.


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