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I am in full-on study mode right now, and my Population Ecology notes have been my near-constant companions for the last week. Seriously, they've been with me everywhere.

I've gotten a bit frightened in looking at some of them, though. I've been reviewing the homework assignments I had for the class and I'm at a loss when it comes to explaining how the hell I learned to do all that stuff. Even though the tests were take-home, you still had to know which equations to use and in what order. I'll turn a page in my notes to find a sheet full of numbers and tables and graphs and my mind starts going into panic mode.

It's calculus, coming straight for us! Shields up! Take evasive action!

Guess I need to contact the prof who taught that class and see if he can send me a couple of practice problems that I can play with.

Saturday I spent the day scrapbooking at a breast cancer benefit crop called ScrapPink. I didn't do any photo work this time, but I did get a lot of the journaling done for the pages I did at the crop I went to last month. I estimate that my Scotland album is about 40-50% done. I'm really pleased with how it's turning out.

This week will be pretty uneventful until Saturday, when I plan to drive to Williamsburg for the Scottish Festival (Albannach! WOO-HOO!). Other than that, it's business as usual.
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I spent 14 hours on Saturday sitting on my arse, scrapbooking.


The local alumni chapter of a sorority hosts an annual charity scrapbooking crop (proceeds going to St. Jude's), and this year was no exception. The difference from previous years was that this time, the event was publicized widely, and it was held in the vacant space next to the store. I'd signed up and paid early on, and by last Friday morning, I had all the photos I wanted to work on printed, and all my supplies packed and ready to go.

It was a great event! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were provided (local businesses donated all the food - we even had coffee and goodies from Starbucks), there was a silent auction, a raffle, and lots of door prizes. I didn't win a bloody thing. :)

I did, however, get all of the photos I brought with me cropped and attached to their respective pages, and some of the journalling done. Color me pretty freaking proud of myself. I have another big crop to go to next month - guess I'd better get cracking on printing more photos.

Swimming total - 10 miles. Only 5 left to go. I may be able to get them all done by Friday. I need to be done by next Monday afternoon, since I have a dentist appointment next Wednesday, and I drive north the morning after.

I sent an e-mail to Eric F. (4QF) yesterday, letting him know that I'll play Memory Keeper/Photographer again this year, so it looks like I've made a "what's my SR08 job this year" decision. We've actually had someone on the 4QF forum (I have no idea who) step up to be the Warriors' Tribe team leader, so that's another thing I don't need to worry about. I still haven't decided whether I'll take a watch or not - if I do, it's going to be either one of the first, or one of the last.

Other than that, I plan to just float around at will.

Happy 2008!

Jan. 2nd, 2008 08:29 am
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Yeah, I know it's the 2nd. So what? The new year won't officially start until I remember to write "2008" on my checks each and every time. Should happen sometime in March.

Blah, blah, blah, etc. ) Guess that's about it for now - probably should get back to the grind...


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