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I spent 14 hours on Saturday sitting on my arse, scrapbooking.


The local alumni chapter of a sorority hosts an annual charity scrapbooking crop (proceeds going to St. Jude's), and this year was no exception. The difference from previous years was that this time, the event was publicized widely, and it was held in the vacant space next to the store. I'd signed up and paid early on, and by last Friday morning, I had all the photos I wanted to work on printed, and all my supplies packed and ready to go.

It was a great event! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were provided (local businesses donated all the food - we even had coffee and goodies from Starbucks), there was a silent auction, a raffle, and lots of door prizes. I didn't win a bloody thing. :)

I did, however, get all of the photos I brought with me cropped and attached to their respective pages, and some of the journalling done. Color me pretty freaking proud of myself. I have another big crop to go to next month - guess I'd better get cracking on printing more photos.

Swimming total - 10 miles. Only 5 left to go. I may be able to get them all done by Friday. I need to be done by next Monday afternoon, since I have a dentist appointment next Wednesday, and I drive north the morning after.

I sent an e-mail to Eric F. (4QF) yesterday, letting him know that I'll play Memory Keeper/Photographer again this year, so it looks like I've made a "what's my SR08 job this year" decision. We've actually had someone on the 4QF forum (I have no idea who) step up to be the Warriors' Tribe team leader, so that's another thing I don't need to worry about. I still haven't decided whether I'll take a watch or not - if I do, it's going to be either one of the first, or one of the last.

Other than that, I plan to just float around at will.
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So my 20th (OMG!!!!!) High School reunion is scheduled for September 13. Thanks to the various financial issues of this past spring (both planned and unplanned), I'd sort of written off doing anything else "fun" pretty much until the end of the year. Still not sure whether I'm going to make it to Stones Rising, but I hope to.

Tickets to the reunion are just under $40. I can stay at Mom's house, and probably use her car for the evening, too. I checked JetBlue for flight costs - R/T would be about $230. Not cheap, but certainly not exorbitant either. I'd only need to take a total of 3 days off from both jobs.

Here's the kind of weird part - I haven't seen a single one of my classmates since the 10th reunion. I don't keep in touch with any of them. The only person from my high school years that I keep in touch with on a regular basis is [livejournal.com profile] genevieve2006 - we met in 7th grade and I switched schools after 9th grade. It wound up being a good move (I literally HATED people at my first high school).

But that isn't the case with where I graduated from. I got along with most people. Sure, there were people I didn't like, but that's true pretty much everywhere.

I know what you're thinking - Gee, Heather, why do you want to go and spend a whole evening with a bunch of people you haven't seen in 10 years? Honestly? I don't know. I had a good time at the 10th reunion - got to see who got skinny, who got fat, whose hair receded, who was married, who was still single. All I know is that I would really like to go.

So what's the problem? I really want to go to Stones Rising, too. Costs for that weekend will wind up being about the same, between registration fees, meal plan, and gas to get there and home. Oh, and SR is only 2 weekends prior to my reunion.

So there's the dilemma. Making sure that I only use the money I make at the store, I COULD swing both weekends. But I also still need to (continue) to pay for a certain overseas trip I just took.


Any advice? Input? Anyone?
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Are you giggling, [livejournal.com profile] badseed1980? :)

Anyway! I've already packed a good amount of my stuff into my car, to prevent my having to do it all in the dark tomorrow morning. To be sure, there are some items that either are too valuable to be left in the car overnight, or are needed up until the last minute that will need to be packed tomorrow, but not very many in the grand scheme of things.

Click here for mindless babbling )

I anticipate being granted 59 minutes to leave work early today, so that means that I have, oh, 5.5 more hours to go. Then work at the store tonight. Really, really looking forward to a nice, long break!
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My 4QF materials arrived earlier this week, so I took the time to figure out what my dues and fees were this year and the check is right-this-very-minute sitting in the mailbox, waiting for pick-up. In addition to the usual Veteran member's fees, I got my annual tent permit again - it just saves so much time in getting set up, even when I have to mop up water or evict the daddy-long-legs from under the rain fly. I also got an auto membership this year. I may not actually use it for the events I plan to attend, but if I change my mind, at least I'll have the option of parking somewhat near my campsite if I want/need to.

I've also dog-eared the pages for the events I plan to attend this year, and heavily marked the due dates to get my fees in by. So, in case anyone is interested, this is when I plan to go up to the Farm this year:

Drum and Splash
Stones Rising

I've already requested these dates off at the store, and getting them off at the full-time job shouldn't be a problem, especially since my Friday off falls on every single one of these weekends (SCORE!!!).

Now I just need to start going through my gear and getting it organized and ready for the season. I can't wait to see everyone again!


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