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Story of the past hour. I've been alternately on hold or speaking briefly with a non-native English speaker (oy...) since just after 0900.

Travelocity sent me an e-mail over the weekend letting me know that my flights to Scotland next May have been changed, and please contact them immediately. I tried calling yesterday and didn't get anywhere. I called earlier this morning, was put on hold, and got disconnected. Called back (note: I am currently on my 4th phone call and 4th non-native English speaker since yesterday - oy...). He ("Peter"?) is on hold with US Airways, whose system is apparently down.

Meanwhile, I'm on Travelocity's website looking at another available flight that would work out fine for me.

Now US Air is telling "Peter" that my ONLY option involves sitting in the Dublin airport all day before getting a connecting flight that night.

Um, no. My only requirements are to leave via Washington National and arrive in Glasgow, Scotland. I have no personal needs or desires to go through Philadelphia as originally scheduled. I can go through Boston. Or New York. Or Newark. I really don't give a damn.

Fucking HELL. Apparently US Air can't (for whatever reason) fix their own damned problem. So I need to drive down to Richmond, go to the US Air ticket window, and cancel my flights myself.

Fuck US Airways. Fuck Travelocity.
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... and DON'T CALL BACK!!!!!

I worked last night. There was a crop from 6:00pm until midnight. I was there closing up until a little after 1:00am. Got home around 2:00.

Freaking phone rang at about 7:30 or so. Glanced at the caller ID - no one I knew, so I rolled over and ignored it. Phone rang AGAIN 5 minutes later. Decided to get up and get the paper. While scanning a sales circular, the phone rang for a third time. This time I answered, whereupon a woman with a heavy accent proceeded to tell me that her daughter was sick and wouldn't be coming to work today.

Ah, the various ways that a sleep-deprived individual could choose to respond to this.

Option 1: "You have the wrong number. Again."

Option 2: "That's nice. Perhaps you could call her employer and inform them, since I really don't give a rat's ass."

Option 3: Simply hang up and return the favor at 4:30 the following morning whilst getting ready for work, thus taking advantage of the caller ID.

Option 4: "I didn't actually answer the phone saying 'Subway, can I help you,' did I?"

For the record, I went with Option 4, but hindsight being 20/20, I wish I'd gone with Option 2 - it has a satisfyingly snarky tone to it that appeals to me.


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